What's the purpose of the Honor system?

Polar, from Player Support does not consider advancement in the honor system to be equivalent to "de-escalating" (I'm assuming he means reducing the frequency/severity of any toxic behavior over a given period of time). Riddle me this: if you've been a good boy for a year, going from level 0 to level 3, then suddenly gets involved into ONE spat, is a 14-day suspension justifiable? If so, what was Riot trying to incentivize when they rolled this out years ago? If good behavior doesn't help dust off your slate bit by bit over time, why should I care? Why even invest $ into the game when your account can get suspended over some hazy set of criteria at a support staff's discretion? If each offense lands you a permanent mark on your record, many of us would be better off simply buying $3 accounts or a VPN service (if it comes to that) and Riot would never grab another dollar from us again. Nobody wins. Not your pro players, not your content creators, and not the vast majority of players who have at least one offense of some sort on their accounts. My friend's main account got permabanned. Appealed multiple times several months later, citing his new account's absolute lack of any penalties. Remained banned. He had a lot of skins on that account. He's now level fucking 5 in the honor system on his new account, but I'm sure Player Supports like Polar would still insist on keeping it banned. The honor system is fine for that small percentage of angelic players but doesn't hold any meaning for everyone else. I don't see why progression shouldn't be a real symbol of your account's progress in sportsmanship and conduct.
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