An Aatrox concept/rework I thought up long ago. (kept some of the old posts text like 90% of it)

had this post removed from concepts and ideas....??????????????? no Idea how this aint a concept or "idea" but here gooooes... after many months waiting for a real rework... I decided we should repost my idea to modify him.. we can rebuild him Rito we have the technology! Q new dark flight aatrox spreads his wings and dashes in a direction slamming the ground (with his right arm) knocking up an enemy in a radius for 1 second (no hang time necessary) players hit by his wings are pushed out of the way (if into wall a .25 second stun occurs) and sustain only 25% of the total damage possible for the ability. w keep the same except every third attack with w deactivated still heals heals but also lowers other abilities cooldowns (excluding passive) by .5 seconds. e aatrox sword turns in to a whip (which it looks like a sword whip sorta already) which he latches onto and slows a target champion dealing damage based on lifesteal scaling per second (max 5 seconds depending on blood well) based off base damage of ability (his q autolocks during this but only knocks up for .5 seconds) R does the same thing it does now. you know R can only be initialized with the life force of another connected to you so initiating it with E is a must. _**figured a fresh post on this might get some ideas flowing **_
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