I am in Jarvan IV's Captains. My friend was bronze 1 and promoted to silver 5 and switched from Galio's Elementalists to Jarvan IV's Captains. My questions are: 1. Does switching from silver 5 to silver 4 change your division, or is it just between groups of ranks like bronze and silver? Also, I'm pretty sure loltyler1's account was master and demoted to diamond and stayed "Heimerdinger's Commanders" throughout these rank changes. 2. What is the point of this system? The only thing I saw is that it breaks the players up into groups on op.gg's "leagues" tab. Other than that I have no clue. 3. Is Jarvan IV's Captains only in silver or are there other ranks in which people are Jarvan IV's Captains (this question can apply to all divisions)? Thanks.
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