Replying to the critism about Neeko

So, I don't know if you've heard, but Neeko is a lesbian. Shocker to most people, it was a shocker to me. However some people in general discussion, although it wasn't apparent to the majority, are trying to act like Neeko is nothing but her sexuality. I don't know if it's just me, but I'm sick of people searching for a reason to hate on things. Like seriously, if all you could take out of Neeko's voice lines was that she was gay, THAT'S ON YOU. If you couldn't take the hints that she loves exploring the world, if you couldn't realize that she's extremely curious, if you didn't learn a ton about her relationships with the other tribes, then what the hell were you doing? It's like you heard the Shyvana voiceline and blacked out for the rest of it. **NEEKO IS NOT ALL ABOUT HER SEXUALITY AND SHE WASN'T MADE THAT WAY AT ALL.** I don't understand all this hate over a few voice lines. **IF YOU WANT A CHAMPION THAT IS ALL ABOUT THEIR SEXUALITY LOOK AT EVELYN NOT NEEKO. COMPARE EVELYN AND NEEKO OKAY, I THINK YOU CAN SEE THE DIFFERENCE RIGHT?** Sorry I'm just angry as hell people can be this blind. I don't know why they decided to take a champion, that wasn't even completely obviously gay, like those voice lines could've easily been taken as a I just want to be your friend scenario, and twist it into this. What's next? You can't stand that Ezreal shoves his straightness down your throat? You can't STAND Xayah and Ra... Actually yeah their voicelines are annoying as hell. You can stand Zoe's like... 2 voice lines about Ezreal? By the way, Neeko literally has like, from memory a voice line about Nidalee that was just about friendship, a voice line with Shyv asking her out to lunch, a voice line about Taliyah saying that the way she travels the world is cool and she wants to join in on the exploration, a voice line saying dudes smell gross WHICH BY THE WAY COULD EASILY JUST BE SEEN AS A COODIES THING THAT JUST ABOUT EVERY GIRL DID WHEN THEY WERE YOUNG. I get Neeko might not be young in age, but she's definitely young at heart, so this can definitely be seen as just that. **OH AND LET'S NOT FORGET THERE'S BARELY ANYTHING IN HERE LORE MAKING HER AN OBVIOUS LESBIAN.** You know, that extremely long story, that tells you who she is and where she came from, yeah nothing really exposing in there, so again, I have no idea where these people are coming from. It's literally **JUST THE 4 VOICE LINES IN GAME.** I think you guys can understand my frustration, when a character I thought was super cool and had a cool personality comes out, and people try to make her something she's not. Like I honestly can't even understand wtf people are going on about. It's not even the, "stop shoving you're gay agenda down our throats," people making these threads and comments, from what I've seen it's mostly gay people and straight people then trying to sympathize with the gay people. Like what the actual hell is going on here? Is backwards day? _I am here to tell Riot that I think they made a nice champion, and I see it for what it is as a whole. I'm not blinded by 4 voice lines._ Felt like I should include that yes, I have seen all the love for Neeko as well, it's not like everyone is hating on her. It's just if you're going to hate on Neeko, don't hate on her because she's barely lesbian, hate on her because of her personality. Hate on her because she's borderline loli. Hate on her because you know eventually you're going to flash ignite her clone. Hate on her for a valid reason.
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