Who in your opinion is in the most desperate need of a rework and why?

For me it’s a mix between {{champion:36}} and {{champion:82}}. Mundo is just not fun to play against in not that satisfying to play as. His passive is my least favorite in the game, and yes that’s including karma passive, since it requires literally no thought on the enemy or Mundo to play around. His Q is the only real source of skill expression in his kit. And to top t off he’s either this oppressive Monsterous juggernaut that heals through all of your damage or he’s reminded with a swift kick to the ribs that grevious wounds exists, and without healing mundo really has only one ability (being his Q) to make him... Mundo. Mordekaiser, oh boy. Easily the worst gameplay update. They fixed up his numbers but that’s all. No CC, no utility except for an delayed Heal that’s unreliable, MORE bugs, and a kit that’s just all over the place since Riot tried to force him bot. Shared exp, a buddy system W, having more burst in the third Q, a dragon, and did I mention MORE bugs? Tl:DR I think Mundo needs it more but Morde deserves it more.
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