So... I just got dumped by my boyfriend too

I don't know if the one who made the post that he got rejected in Valentine's can read me, but hear me out, a couple of hours ago my boyfriend left me, after ten months of relationship, because he no longer could feel the same. I spent too many hours of traveling and money to visit him. But unlike you, he didn't block me or anything else, and he didn't play LoL. The thing is... Part of why we reached this situation was because of my fault and the hours I spent in this game. Sometimes I couldn't talk to him in time because I was in a meaningless promo to silver III. So... Please, if anyone here with a couple can read me, try to not waste your time here when your sweethearts want to talk with you. They don't understand how many time a game lasts, or why is that game more important than them, and you can play league whenever you want as long as you have your computer. TLDR: my bf left me because I'm addicted so don't do the same. Have a nice weekend!
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