I tried something new, and It made me appreciate Riot Games.

I took a gander over at Dota 2 and I'll be honest It made me thankful for things that I have taken for granted in League. Like... A clean interface: League's interface from the lobby to the shop to champ select is very clean. Items are very clearly organized, as are champions. Skill descriptions are easy to find in champion pages. A recommended build for your champion is readily displayed in match which tells you what stats your particular champion will need even if you don't follow it. I distinctly remember playing Ashe against bots on my first venture into league and I was able to figure out pretty quickly that I needed attack speed and crit. The details came later of course. Dota's interface? A literal clusterfuck. The screen is crowded, item Icons are small and in some places, descriptions of items are pretty unreadable. There is a recommended Item set but its self-contradictory (meaning it has items that you can only build one or the other of) and is incredibly cluttered. Figuring out what stats your hero needs or wants is nearly impossible unless you've spent a large chunk of time practicing before even stepping into a casual match. Every menu feels like its screaming at me in four different languages at the same time. Readable Combat: League has very distinct lanes and lane assignments. It's easy to tell where you are going and where you need to go. Objectives are prominently displayed and the laning phase feels very purposeful and direct. When I die to Blitzcrank, I know it is because I got hooked. As a new player, I can learn how to avoid, or exploit, the hook. The map is clean and the fog of war is consistent. Dota's combat? We run into the same problem that we had at the interface. Is that an objective? Is that a map decoration? Good luck figuring that out as a new player. Which trees can you enter and which ones cant you? Again, almost no indicator. Meanwhile, the map is overloaded with ambient animations and eye candy to the point of distraction. When I'm killed by bloodseeker, it's nearly impossible for me to understand why. There is no cast animation, projectile, or even particle effect. I just die. It takes me pulling up the opposing champion's skill-list and reading that I'm killing myself by moving (And we complain about not having counterplay in League, Jesus) I got a literal headache playing Dota for a few hours and can certainly say I did not enjoy myself. It made me compare my first experience with League and appreciate things that I've taken for granted. Anyone else played both games and gotten the same impression?
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