Teemos Purpose

What is it? He can build anything and still do mix damage, with lots of dots. He is short range, yes, but anyone that tries to close the gap, just naw. Speed boast and blind. Then pepper them with a thousand cuts. Want one or two cs, here is 75 magic damage. Want to try and build against magic dot, here is attack speed. I actually really like his Ult. I think its a cool idea with lots of potentials to use macro knowledge of the game to defend objectives. But it seems like his role is to be a nuisance. To just annoy the enemy even if they play well and don't feed. Even going even feels like a loss, and winning against him is so damn draining I want to quit playing for the night. Riot keeps talking about wanting champs to feel both fun to play as and against, but it seems like Teemos whole plan is to not do that. To be annoying no matter what you do or how well you play against a passive auto attack dot. They talk about reworking and getting rid of stat check champs, but Teemo abuses any stat that player feels like picking up that game. Yes, I hardly see him in game, but so what? Any time you see him ends up like this.
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