I really don't know why people think they can just take the junglers camps whenever they want? It does not matter what period of the game you are in, you do not take their camps without asking, the only exception is if they are extremely ahead, enemy team is about to steal their camps or they are full build. ( or if you ask and they know they are behind but you as a mid/adc/ or top laner are way far ahead and can make more plays then them that is acceptable too. ) One main issue I have as a jungler is when the fucking mid, top or adc think that the blue/red buff is theres to take...its not. You are honestly griefing your jungler if you take their camps without asking. I can not stand when I get in team fights as a jungler and do not have my blue/red or any farm for items to be able to engage because my 0/6 mid laner is carrying my blue or my top laner is farming my top side jungle... And then you have people think well why don't you farm the lanes? In a few situations that is not possible for some junglers, you could have a Yi who demolishes 6 minion waves in seconds and then have an evelynn who takes 5 minutes to clear 2 castor minions, you have to understand the priority and what is best for the jungler. so please, do not take their camps without asking or you are seriously going to tilt them. You would not like them to take your waves of farm, so don't take their jungle. Practice what you preach.
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