How to get banned for creating and prolonging a negative game environment

**Two week ban**. Some context; my friends who i met some games prior are on the other team, an Olaf. The enemy Jihn and i had some friendly banter in all chat that game. The matchup is Caitlyn (me) + support Teemo vs Jihn + Rakan. The Teemo was rather disgruntled by the fact that he had to support, so he decided to intentionally feed. In fact, i got lucky that i got first blood but that didn't stop Teemo from farming wave, dying some more intentionally and making bot lane hell until i decided to rotate out for the sake of trying to win the game and making the most of it. But i'm glad that communicating is now seen as "**creating and prolonging a negative game environment**" **Edit:** To clarify one thing, this is **NOT** the email i got showing the chat log. I logged in and received a two week ban notification, as such i opened a Riot support ticket and asked them what part of the the chat log they feel was deserving of a two week ban and this is what the GM replied. As i said, this is a conversation with a **Riot Support Specialist** in regards to why i was banned and where they feel i was toxic. The above is a screenshot of the support ticket and Riot's reasoning for keeping the ban. GGWP
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