Riot is conforming to general stereotype of today's games

With the recent drama surrounding EA's upcoming Battlefront II, I have seen numerous similarities in the changes of League and what is being put into EA's game. Here are just my little thoughts on it League's new leveling system no doubt is a way to, more or less, force players to continue playing in order to receive any reward. The current leveling system now requires anywhere from 10-15 to progress only to receive a minimal amount of currency for the in-game items. This requires players to play several games just to receive really anything. Before, playing one or two games was okay. A reward was given, IP, after every game. Now it seems like playing that one or two games isn't enough. It takes days with that schedule to get a minuscule amount of BE for what now seems unobtainable champions. EA has similar tactic. 60k star credits for ONE of the special characters. 40+ hours of game play for one character. This doesn't include any of the loot boxes the contain game changing content that is required to be remotely successful in a match. Players that are going to put $100s into the game will be put at the advantage making the game not fun for the players that actually put the time into it. This new system put in by Riot definitely seems to be more rewarding to those that are willing to put in the money to buy loot boxes. Players don't want to be playing 10-15 games just to receive little BE. It makes opening your wallet that much more of a necessity because the time needed to unlock a certain champion or rune page isn't worth the time put in. I understand the game is free to play. Micro transactions are a great part of the game. The skins Riot are putting out this season and last have been some of the coolest and the best. It is the players decision whether or not to put money in for cosmetics. These decisions ultimately help Riot to keep up what they are doing. League has become the largest free to play game ever because of it. There just needs to be a fine line between the free items that can be unlocked through playing the game and true content that is there to keep this game going. These changes are coming closer to that line. Playing the game and saving up for the champion, counting down the number of games, is awesome. Now leveling has ruined the experience. You're left with, "Oh I hope I get enough BE in this capsule, I don't want to have to play 10 more games... Well I didn't get enough, might as well buy some chests." I've been playing this game for years and truly want it to keep going but these changes are not for the better. People are going to get burnt out from playing countless games and get cut short time and time again. I know Riot is looking for ways to change the issue as they hear the loud voices of its players and are coming up with a solution. I just hope it is one that brings the sense of accomplishment after each game. There is my complaint for this preseasons changes. TL;DR League is becoming more of a grind fest and points to an alternative of hex-tech chests in order to ease that burden.
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