Play League of Legends using PS4

I think this has been brought up by folks several years ago but I feel it can be revisited again as things have changed over time. Now that multiplayer games have started supporting cross platform for online gaming and that games can be played with keyboard/mouse on PS4 ...why not have league of legends on PS4? This thought came to me bcoz I have kind of a 4 year old gaming laptop with GTX can run league with 120fps on low settings but nothing more than that. I have a PS4 pro lying around dormant in my home which I don’t get much time to play with nowadays (the little time I have I play league). Is it possible to make use of the ps4 pro to get better graphics and lag free gaming for the only game that I play. Or is there another way to play League using Ps4 without Riot actually developing a game to run on pS4. P.S: I’ve not done research on this Your thoughts ?
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