The reason why league has dropped 30% from last season to this season (at least in ranked).

No one wants to play League seriously unless they don't know what else to do. The competitive drive to get to diamond is just gone for a few reasons and I will indicate why. Also I am using ranked because those are the only numbers that you can really find, since Riot Games doesn't disclose any of those numbers to the public eye. ---------------------------------------------------- 1: Consistent shifts in meta, and rapid changes (This can vary from Kayle suddenly becoming OP or when ADC items get changed a 5th time or even when something minor like how Dragons/Turrets/Baron/Minions change.) It gets really annoying to have to adjust your play style every few weeks because someone found a way to play outside how you want the game to be played. Instead of just allowing players to learn how to play around it you bandaid the problem by remove that "toxic" play style. I'll say it now, yeah it was annoying to deal with Gold Funneling. But was it unstoppable? No, 99% of players can't do it correctly. It only mattered in the pro scene. But guess what they are pros, that need to learn how to work around those problems or punish the other team for those type of plays. A key component to why Gold Funneling worked was because of how jungle exp isn't divided. A really easy fix to it would have been to make it so that anything that interacted with the player killing the mob or dealing damage to the mob would also take part of that experience. Lowering base exp of all camps, and given the jungle item a reward for killing a camp by themselves (that would have tied out to where it was.) This would have also slowed down early game jungling at level 1 and 2. Requiring 2 camps to get to level 2. Also allowing for other junglers to take aim at counter jungling. But instead you decided to say "Screw it fuck junglers." So then if a jungler is ahead they get punished for taking farm that another player couldn't get. It was LOST gold. That is unacceptable on some many levels. For example, say that everyone on that junglers team was losing lane really hard when the jungler wasn't around. The requirement for him was much lower than the other jungler. say 4k vs 3k. meaning that if the jungler had over 3k gold, he would lose gold, while the other one would still gain 100% of gold. Thus gimping his carry potential because he was doing well. Can't comment on Spell Thief top, attack speed Neeko, or any of the other stuff that has happened since then, because I have played literally like 30 games since those times. And of which 23 - 25 were ARAM. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2: 100-0 burst on everyone and everything, at all points in the game. For you older league veterans. I remember a time when Renekton could do a full combo on an ADC late game with full build and only do 80-90% of their HP. Or pantheon could do the same thing and do 70-80% of their hp. Nowadays its 120% of their hp. WHILE retaining the early game advantage they have. On the flip side, playing a harder and weaker champion early gimps you because you get the same level of damage as them in the late game the 100-0 level of damage. But you get to suffer all of early game. That isn't a test of skill for the weak early game champions. Some may say that "They are strong in the late game because they can deal with almost everything." But this isn't the case, unless they have been buffed stupidly. Notably Vayne. Cass, Ryze, Azir, Kog. While having shit early game also have extremely difficult late game. Its not like they magically get a Amazing late game because they made late game. They still have to position godly, have to avoid 80% of things, and have to pay attention to high threat targets. While when compared to things like Renekton. He can freely jump in a poorly positioned champion and burst them. I get it, Cass Ryze Azir and Kog all are supposed to have those weakenesses in the late game. But when comparative to early game champions. Its really fucking frustrating to have to spend 20-25 minutes in a high risk situation 90% of the game to feel rewarded, when Rekenton, Darius, Kalista, LB, Zed, etc get to remain strong and still do the exact same thing. It kills any players that play those champions vibes for wanting to play. It did mine. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3: Your inability to see outside the pro scene for overall players. All you do now is buff champions that majority of people play, or in some cases refuse to nerf them. (Yasuo) Meanwhile champions like Ryze and Azir get to sit in the gutter all year long for multiple years. The best part about it is that because so few people play them now, you let bugs go on for patches and patches before you do ANYTHING. I remember 3 Ryze bugs that went on for 3+ patches before getting fixed. The E Out of Sight Q bug. When he was would E someone that left sight it would "refresh" his Q. But when you tried to cast it afterwards it would go on cooldown without the Q cast itself. On top of that, say that you didn't cast Q right away afterward and did a E Q. The Q still went on Cooldown regardless of you having casted E before hand. Then the Ryze EQ Shield bug. Casted EQ on a target that had a shield on them would not give Ryze the % buff damage. Which his WHOLE kit is based around. Not even sure if that is still in the game or not. Those bugs weren't hard to reproduce. You could reproduce them in every single game if you weren't careful. All of that and why? Because the pro scene wants that champion. It hurts every single player that puts time into them. At this point I wish the pro scene would actually just stop. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4: The time put into a game just feels frustrating. Given winning feels good and losing feels bad. That is a given, we are talking about points outside of the game result. When is the last time you felt like everyone played super well, and not one single person just blew the game onto its side. I can tell you its been a solid 8 or 9 months. The reason ties back to point 2. Fix point 2 and you fix part of point 4. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5: You stopped listening to the player base. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6: The game is just boring. This isn't a bad point. Look at chess, even though the game hasn't changed at all over any period of time. People still play it because you can still get better at the game. This ties back to point 1. A boring game isn't a bad game, a boring game has committed players. A false evolving game is bad, and one that doesn't address the boringness of the game is even worse. ______________________________ But who cares, this all falls on deaf ears and eyes anyways. I'm going back to Risk of Rain 2, Apex Legends, The Division 2, and AnimeMusicQuiz. have fun guys.
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