I'm sure there are many complaints about this as it is, or variations. My most recent game of ranked, I played with kennen, vlad(me), camille, lucian, and janna. Janna had 700 mastery points (safe to say. new) Camille had 4000. Janna left the game after one death, then we tried to 4v5 and sacrificed some turrets, etc. as a 4v5 should go. I tried to keep everyones mental together, saying we win 4v5 easily with my ult late game, etc. Everyone else was on board except for camille, who didnt want to win at all at that point. After a kills, and then baron loss and death, she left as well... Just curious, why... AGAIN, do the 3 players who try their hardest and continue playing the game, have to lose lp for other people's inability to play ranked? And this is just the most recent example, ive experienced tons and tons of the same scenario. Is it too much to ask for riot to either lose less lp or none at all for OTHER PEOPLES MISTAKE IN WHICH THERES 0 COUNTERPLAY TO? THEY LEAVE I GET PUNISHED?
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