Riot... The promised Zilean skin... When? 1 Month left...

I say "1 month left" for Zilean {{champion:26}} Skin, because there is nothing about him (yet) for Patch 9.23, in SurrAt20. I feel also sad for Ornn{{champion:516}} Mains, for obvious reasons. I really "Cringe", when I see the "Flashy" champs with Skin every 6 months, or so. Yasuo, Akali, Kaisa, and all these... Meh... And yes, its a bussiness, of course... But... Edit: I mean soon its gonna be 5 years without skin. Im saying I WANT TO GIVE YOU MY MONEY lol, but you dont help me to do so. I've barely put 30-50 euros in 8 years of League, but i'd spend more for Zilean, Im geek for him.
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