The Yuumi "Changes" are HORRIBLE. Her Winrate will fall to less that the current 39%.

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Find the best League of Legends Yuumi build and runes guide. Top, jungle, mid, bot, support roles on ranked solo/duo/flex, aram, and normal blind/draft. S9 Patch 9.23.1. I want to highlight specifically, the change to the "W". Now, imagine the normal case when you hop off, to AA for Shield (Buffed Passive, Wp on that). We all want Yuumi to hop off, because her nature of being untargeteable, is annoying, and Riot gave her a reason to hop off... BUT now, if she gets hit by a stray skillshot while she is out like 2 seconds for the AA passive, her "W" goes on a 5s CD... LOL! How is she supposed to surirve the CC AND the 5s CD of her "W"? Just please, be objective, her WR is 39%... And now it will be even less. Say you get hit by a Leona "E": Right now, if mid-air you get hit by Leona "E", you can "W" onto ADC right after the CC ends, if Leona doesnt follow up with the Stun. In some hours (3-4 hours, when Patch is applied), her "W" will go on a 5s CD, refreshed by any subsequent CC. **God, I've tried her on PBE, and even Silences (Fiddle "E", Malza "Q") turn her "W" in a 5s CD, LMAO.** Please, just be honest and say it, Riot... ... Say you have NO IDEA what to do with her at all. And be objective: The numbers are there. **Picking Yuumi right now, is really hindering your team,** and will be even more on Patch 9.24. (Btw, in case you wanna check Im not a random Yuumi player: "") Edit: Its funny how everyone downvotes, without knowledge of the situation or champion.
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