Uninhabited Island Survival Level 2

It seems that my first test of survival was too easy for some, So I will make this a little harder. You are stuck on a uninhabited Island and you must survive for 14 days. You have no means of escape and can not call for help. If you attempt to signal for help, no one will come. After the 14 days, you will be transported back home safely. **Visual of the Island you are stuck on** The Island is a lot smaller this time. It is 4 acres big. The island is in the middle of the Indian Ocean and there are several sharks and other predators around the Island so you may not want to go in the Ocean. The South Part of the Island, it is mostly open land however some wild boars and deer hang around this area. There is also a bit of Mango, Coconut and Guava trees however they are pretty high up. About 8-12 feet. It is climbable though. To the North is the forest. There is a lot of vegetation here and some eatable plants and fruits but you may want to watch out for poisonous fruit and plants. You also may want to watch out for the Giant 500 pound Lion that guards this area(Don't worry, he wont leave this area). To the East, there is a small pond that is not connected to the ocean. It has some fish in it however there is a Alligator that guards this area. (The Alligator can not leave the pond). To the West, there are some mountains. There are lots of places for shelter there as there are some caves but there is a pack of wolfs that guard this area. **What you have** 1 pair of additional cloths A First Aid Kit A pound of Skittles(The Candy) A Flash Grenade 1 Gallon of sweet tea(It is in a plastic bottle) A Coffee Mug A pair of dual wield swords A Bow and Arrow(With 20 arrows) A lighter with Lighter fluid A pet fox Good Luck Summoner ! Also if you do not come up with a good answer, I will let you know that you died and did not survive. NOTE: You can not kill/Eat your pet Fox
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