Um, hello? Riot? Why? (Yuumi)

So aside from logging on to league to see that the chat is disconnected (turns out it's happening to a lot of people) I decided to look at the new patch notes and see what riot decided to change. I'm not gonna lie, not really happy with this Yuumi nerf. Riot has literally made her an unreliable support. People already thought she was useless before and now she really is. Riot has decreased her passive shield as well as removed her mana restore . Her Q empowered damage was decreased but her mana cost for it was increased??? Um, what? So her Q does less damaged but cost more mana to cast with no real way to get her mana back because her mana restore was removed lol, okay Riot. The only thing they did decent with this Yuumi patch would be her E which is increasing her base heal scaling and making it cost less mana. So my main question is why would Riot make such a horrible change to this champion? Answer given. "We're opening Yuumi's early game weakness to reduce her presence in Pro Play." I'm not a pro player, I'm not in the LCS, I'm a league player just caught up in low elo hell that gets on just to try and enjoy the game. But Riot depends too much on nerfing and buffing champions based on Pro Play. Of course someone who is paid to play league and constantly has to play the game for practice should be really good with a champion compared to your average league player. All I can hope is that riot see's this horrible mistake they made and fix it. Otherwise there is no real reason to play Yuumi in lower elo's. Her early game is gonna be too shitty to even try, you can only hope that your team can make it to late game for her to even be decent. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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