There's no support champ that gives a shield. Just a shield.

By this I mean literally every support champ with a shield ability has a catch to it. There are no pure shields that do nothing but block damage. All I'm stating is there are no point and click abilities that do nothing but give an ally a shield that blocks damage. {{champion:201}} blocks projectiles and cannot be cast on allies {{champion:40}} gives bonus ad while shield is active {{champion:43}} gives bonus ms {{champion:117}} yes, it can be self cast, making it a pure shield, but when cast on allies gives them pix, so bonus magic damage on auto attacks {{champion:99}} shield a skillshot {{champion:25}} only blocks magic damage and gives cc immunity while shield is active {{champion:61}} moves the ball to an ally or self granting them tank stats and a shield, but isn't played as support {{champion:497}} dashes to shield {{champion:37}} aura grants brief shield to nearby allies {{champion:412} kind of a skillshot, lantern gives a pure shield to all allies near it There's no real point to this post. You're welcome.
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