Riot is beta, ,no free speech, cant speak what u want

Game 1 Maavaip: zoe Maavaip: consider suicide Maavaip: u autistic %%%h Maavaip: im running down u autist Maavaip: u dont deserve any win Maavaip: even in blind pick Maavaip: traash Maavaip: u lose hahahah Maavaip: no Maavaip: lol Maavaip: i troll Maavaip: i want zoe to lose Maavaip: the little autist is gonna lose his shit Maavaip: can we all report zoe so this kid loses his account ?:D Maavaip: no u moron Maavaip: report zoe Maavaip: good Maavaip: finally Maavaip: yes Maavaip: even better Maavaip: fuck Maavaip: funny thing is Maavaip: he is crying ;:D Maavaip: zoe byebye account Game 2 Maavaip: twitch Maavaip: u couldve babysit bot Maavaip: and u would be like 8/0 now Maavaip: they are constanly pushed Maavaip: if u cant jungle dont Maavaip: and twitch jungle doesnt work u %%% Maavaip: fucking follow up the first time u shitty Maavaip: cause u are %%%got Maavaip: u are all fukcing jews Maavaip: i wish u all seriously consider suicide Maavaip: and the 1 he did Maavaip: he died Maavaip: cause he has no brain Maavaip: and walks straight to brand Maavaip: instead of dodgind Maavaip: lol Maavaip: fuck u jew Maavaip: cause jew is a race Maavaip: CAUSE JEW IS A RACE Maavaip: brand can u hit 1 skillshot u unskilled %%%% Maavaip: "support" is now full ap bots Maavaip: jews Maavaip: all of u Maavaip: race war will murder all of u Maavaip: nazis will rise and all u beta cucks will be gassed Maavaip: u are like all 12 Maavaip: except riven mb Maavaip: and u get fucking triggered Maavaip: play cs Maavaip: i call evryone jews and shit and its fine Maavaip: lol see this beta fuckiing game devs? Maavaip: u cant even fucking flame Maavaip: thats the fucking funnest part of this shitty game What a horrible game u cant even flame a bunch of morons who troll ur game, and afterwards u get banned for calling them autistic, why are u so fucking butthurt this is the internet not some fucking kindergarten get real u pathetic virgins
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