@Gamer Girls: I Know We're Not Allowed to Discuss Politics on GD, But Gamer Guys Must Know

I used to think I have great self discipline being able to maintain myself around girls wearing mini-skirts and short shorts as I'm able to recognize the value of being able to express oneself through their fashion choice without making certain unnecessary remarks. Its no different than valuing first impressions which can easily be a last impression if you're not good. The way you look, the way you present yourself, the way you talk to people, the way you shake their hand while looking them in the eye with a smile and confidence. Your presence in that moment is like a form of political warfare about you being strong enough to become whatever you want to be. Yep, I used to think I have great self discipline... Then yoga pants came along and... Discipline is tough =_=ll I'm aware that the argument is that yoga pants are extremely comfortable and better for workouts than sweat pants and I agree which is why I wear shorts when I workout instead of those nasty things (still keep a pair somewhere in my closet). But, damn does it really make that... "Figure" stand out. So I and probably 99.9% of all gamer guys need to know, without any identity exposure, are you gamer girls wearing it when you go out cause its comfortable or cause you want to hurt us mentally? https://imgur.com/NtoASDv
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