Life question + streaming question.

I'm fuckin' 26 years old, don't know what the hell do I do with my life, college dropout because I had no motivation to study, I didn't know if I really wanna do that, so I literally one day just stopped going to college. Worked couple jobs, all minimum wage or little more than that, those jobs are all temporary. On the last job I was actually a lil' bit happy because I had a cool co-worker, we had fun and joked around, then she quit after 2 months and all my mental shit came back in an instant. Other than that, I wasn't happy probably since I was a 14 year old dumbass and didn't have to worry about anything. I know nobody can tell me what's my purpose in life, but god damn Idk what to do anymore, any advice from someone ? About the streaming question, did you guys ever see anyone from eu go above 2-3k viewers ? Cuz I was thinking of trying it, but since I'm on eune and I never ended a season higher than d4, I have no idea why the fuck would anyone watch me.
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