What can we do to have an impact as the community?

There are a plethora of problems and issues with the games, and I'm not just talking about the bugs and the horrible client. I am talking about things like how 30-40% of champions in the game feel extremely unfun to play against, how the balance team refuses to dial back damage, they refuse to nerf/revert changes like the dragons despite them being a win condition, or how they keep slowly removing features like game modes to save money. Things that objectively make the game worse and/or negatively affect the players. No matter how much we complain on Riot's "forum", nothing gets done. We all know this and it's a really shitty situation we are in, where no matter how many valid points we bring up or how much we try to notify Riot of the issues, they don't give a fuck in the slightest. What could we possibly do to actually get through to Riot? "Just don't play the game and stop supporting them" - This is like going into a store and not getting a refund so you say "You just lost a customer", it does nothing.
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