Remember the days when people played games because they were fun?

And didn't do all this math to see if playing the game was "worth it" in terms of what the game would reward them with? And that the act of playing the game was what made spending your time on it "worth it"? When I was a kid, do you young people think that NES games "rewarded" me with anything after I beat them? Sometimes you'd get a cool little cutscene and a catchy tune. Sometimes you'd get to start over from the beginning, but with extra items like Mario 3 and how it filled you with P wings if you started a new game after beating it. But more often than not.. If you don't find the act of playing the game to be "worth it" on its own, then stop playing it. Don't spend extra money on loot boxes, don't "do the math" to see if the game is rewarding you properly with imaginary currency. Just quit. #MakeGamingFunAgain
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