The announcer packs!

Here's what i'm thinking, let's put each of the regions announcer packs up for sale, like you know how Phreak is casting over your games right now? Why not sell them as packs for $10? NA pack - $10 Of RP (Includes all of the announcers, and you can pick or choose one of them or multiple of them to cast your game in your collection tab) EU Pack - $10 of RP (Same as na) and roll it out to each of the regions slowly, so EU, Korea, China, Latin America, etc would all get these announcers and they can use them as how they want, each pack would be $10 of RP and then you can buy a bundle that would include all of the announcer packs for some price of RP, Maybe slightly discounted as you're buying a bundle. etc etc, I think it would be a cool addition to the game as you could have some really nice commentary instead of the same old one over and over, what are your thoughts?
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