I feel like I have to play jungle if I wanna climb in ranked

About 3 months ago I decided to switch from top to jungle. The reason being I felt like jungle had easily the most impact on the game, and I wanted to try it out. However about a month ago I realized that this role sucks in lower elos; you get flamed, you're constantly a level behind your laners, the entire game can be changed by you, which franklly puts pressure onme to succeed. For around a week I said screw it and swapped back to my old role Top Lane. Now I enjoyed playing top for that next week, but we lost a majority of the games because badabing badaboom, our jungler fucked everything and because top has no impact on the game unless you're super fed, we'd lose. So I went back to jungle out of necesity, and ever since then I've loathed playing ranked since it requires me to play jungle in order to win. And it seems like a ton of people agree, several times when I queued for jungle as my secondary and top my primary, and around 70% of the time I'd get jungle. So no one wants to play jungle right now, the role sucks and its no fun to play. You're always behind and getting flamed. Please for the love of god fix it.
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