Here's exactly how much you can possibly die within 20 minutes:

This was originally a response to another thread, but I feel like it warrants its own. So, the question is: How many deaths are possible within 20 minutes on Summoner's Rift? First, I wanted to get the fewest number of deaths possible while still running it directly down mid, so after checking up on base stats I settled on Tahm Kench, who has the highest possible survival time under turret level 1 if you use your E, buy a ruby crystal, and bring both armor Shards. With that: It takes him 34s to get into turret range, It takes 9s for the turret to kill him, And it takes 6s to respawn. However, for our purposes I'm going to use 10s because you'll be gaining at least a little experience from walking by the minions while they fight and there's no way to test exactly what level you'd get to without doing this with another person. That's a total of 53 seconds between deaths. Over 20 minutes (1200s), that comes to 22 deaths (since we can't round up, we can only round down). So, the minimum number of deaths you can get while running it down for twenty minutes is 22, with Tahm Kench "trying" to live. **** Then, I found out the maximum number of deaths while running it down. Checking stats again, Elise was the fastest+weakest possible choice, and unlike Tahm I made no attempt to keep her alive, made sure NOT to bring the health or armor Shards, brought Celerity and bought boots at the start. With that: It takes her only 27s to get into turret range, It takes only 4s for the turret to kill her And the same 10s for median respawn time. That's a total of 41 seconds between deaths. Over 20 minutes, that comes to 29 deaths. **** So, the maximum number of deaths you can get while running it down for twenty minutes is 29, with Elise making no attempt to survive. #Conclusion: The ~~maximum~~ _minimum_ number of deaths you can get within 20 minutes while running it down mid is somewhere between 22 and 29, depending on your champion. (Note: we can assume that because the actual numbers were closer to 23 and 30, but because it's impossible to die 0.3 times I rounded down. So any increase in death rate from enemy champions dealing the damage instead of turrets is accounted for) What does this mean? Well, we now know _for certain_ that someone was intentionally feeding if they have between 22 and 29 deaths within 20 minutes. No amount of false explanations can help your case when it's literally impossible to die that often accidentally. As for cases that are _near_ 22, it's up to the discretion of people in charge of punishments. I'd say a safe assumption would be 19 or more deaths within 20 minutes. That would account for the slight time difference between running it down mid versus running into the enemy top/bot laners. That would mean only three minutes of the game spent not either dead or getting into position to die. Edit: I'd also like to add that we can assume someone _started_ inting if they maintain a 1.1 deaths per minute ratio after a few legitimate deaths. Another edit: Since quite a few people seem confused. This does _not_ mean that 10 deaths in 20 minutes is inting. Quite the opposite, actually. That means that they took twice to three times as long to die as someone running it down would. (Hopefully) The last necessary addition: Of course, if the enemies are benefiting from your deaths and pushing up, you'll die a bit more. This is just the _minimum_ number where we can be absolutely certain someone is intentionally feeding. ######And for anyone who's wondering, the absolute maximum number of deaths you can get in 20 minutes in Practice Tool is somewhere around 171 to 175, assuming you blink into the enemy fountain immediately as anyone who will die in one hit, every single time you spawn.
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