how about rework tryn he is too cancer

as the title.. he is FREAKING! GODDAMMIT JESUS CANCER! he got like almost everything Critical, Heal, slow, dash, and a cancer ultimate In league effect time took soo long like morgana her q just root for 1 or 2 sec but its like u must waiting for 3 or 4 sec and tryn ult 5 sec and its like 7 sec + full rage bonus everytime he ult ( too cancer ) and he even got a slow srly, a slow + crit = cancer, even you exhaust him and using ghost he still gonna catch up to you with a kinda long dash range and slow you then auto too easy or went he gonna die he jsut need to press that r button and e then alive even your jg gank he will still alive because he have his ult a slow so he can slow both of you and then dash today i just fight against him i even hug turret and he still fed cause his ult and i even lost xp and lose in lane he is lv 6 and im just lv 4 because everytime i come out to take a minion he just need to auto me for 1 time and i lost a tons of heal.. sometime i even ban him and i got to vs against a darius after..............
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