Isn't morde the biggest counter to Illaoi right now?

It's not crybaby topic, but just my thoughts. It's kind of funny how hard Illaoi was shitting at old Morde, and now he is shitting on her, lol. 1. Do u have a spawned tentacles next to you (and the ones that u got from ult)? No problem, he ults you. 2. Did u land E on him and he fights you? No problem, he will use E/Q/Auto and proc his passive and will make ur E to dissapear in 3 seconds. 3. Did u land ur E on him and he dont fights you? No problem, he will press W to get stacked shield and block most of its dmg. Imo Illaoi is straight losing a lane against him. Is it a reason to nerf him? Of course not, as he need a small nerf anyway.
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