A Message to People Who Smurf In Low Elo. . .

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This isn't going to be a rant on me crying that you guys can stomp me and others in a lower elo. However, This IS going to be a rant on your attitude in playing low elo. I can accept that you guys may have bad games in your high elo and maybe smurfing is a way to release stress and maybe get that taste of victory you've been longing for. You may even smurf to have a mechanical warm up or practice champs that you arne't confident to play in ranked. However, please, as a silver player myself, do not use your rank to assert authority over me. If you're going 3/7 on Trist Jungle and I call you out on it, don't use your rank and type "I'm diamond, what do you know?". That's just bullshit. Furthermore, while we're on the topic of Trist Jungle, please don't select picks like this. We people in low elo aren't the best players and we may not be able to play around your cheese pick. Don't have the audacity to not try to win when the game is not going as you planned. You may not care about the loss of LP because it isn't your main account, but for many of us we do. I play ranked with the intention of winning, and with that attitude, you just seem scummy. I'm not saying EVERY smurfer is like this. That's just ignorant. However, for those who do act like this, please don't act enlighten as fuck just because of your high elo. That's all. (P.S - Should this be in player support?)
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