Why does everyone think Yasuo is broken?

From personal experience, I've never really felt this power that Yasuo apparently has (I'm a mid player). Sure yeah if he's fed he's overbearingly easy to carry with. However, I feel as a melee midlaner with not very reliable poke, long cd utility spell and no real escapes, he's not hard to lane against. I have never felt the need to ban yasuo as I'll just pick something like Anivia or Azir or Morgana or Lissandra or Cass or Vlad or. or. or. or. or. or. and have a field day. I don't understand why he could have the highest pick rate, lowest winrate and everyone will still act like he's this unstoppable counterless absolute lane bully. If you're playing a mage, you'll never be in range of his e unless he dashes thru wave and commits to you, therefore you're never gonna get hit by a tornado because you can see when he has it and just, step back a bit. If you simply stagnate your spell rotation, windwall problem solved. Coordinate with your jg as he's usually an easy gank since yasuo naturally shoves lane to stack his q even if he's only last hitting. I can't remember a game I've played on my main where I've lost lane to a yasuo. I really don't get it. I wouldn't mind if they buffed him.
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