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Good day to everyone reading this, A large sum of the community is displeased with icons and wards being attached to bundles rather than being split and being forced to pay for content that they otherwise wouldn't even have wanted to begin with. (IE: Borders) I'm not going to be tackling the situation towards that nor the idea that people shouldn't be essentially paying for what is "DLC" of a skin, things that often times should already be included with the skin or simply just split and put onto the store for 250RP, but it does have a relevancy towards the bundle's exclusivity, bundles are something that do not express player skill and are mostly about wallet, save the few icon/borders that you can obtain from events through the use of tokens, you are not able to obtain a bundle icon outside of a timely event that holds tokens for said icon/border. (Selection of these are also completely random, as this last event, i had hoped to see Bewitching Icons that lasted only 2 weeks rather than the High Noon icon set in the event tokens purchase, especially considering it was Halloween, but i digress.) So why is it that the "border icons" are exclusive for whatever reason and aren't allowed to be in the Blue Essence Emporium's mystery icon box? Players that get first-hand on purchasing said bundles already receive borders which i'm in no way vouching for taking away from those players, to treat them fairly for instantly purchasing the bundle, i feel as though that the borders are definitely the way to go and have been Riot's way of defending exclusive content.(S2 Championship Riven returning, etc.) I've seen multiple complaints and it's only fair to ask that the icons be separated from the bundles or at least be given an alternative to be brought back, i find it utterly ridiculous that the few champions that actually manage to receive "icons" for themselves sometimes have absolutely no way of obtaining them if they were not here during the event period or had the money to afford a bundle(IE: Lunar Revel Sylas for Sylas mains), it's horrible. Not only that, but there are icons that WERE and are CLEARLY exclusive to certain occasions(IE: Ocean Week Nami is obtainable through the Mystery Icon in the Essence Emporium) obtainable through the essence emporium which makes it all the more inconsistent. Essentially, what i'm asking for is that i believe that everyone should have equal access to the bundle icons through the BE Emporium, there's no reason for it not to be this way already, bundle exclusivity should be only towards borders, a lot of times people don't have the necessary money or time to be investing into the game to farm the 250 tokens, and why should new players be punished for not being here during a skin's sale to not be allowed to receive an icon they like? Human lives are limited, i think it's best that everyone has a chance to obtain the things that they like and if we're trying to defend exclusivity, the border still stands as proof of the bundle purchase in the first week if you really want to show yourself off for that. Thanks for your time reading, I hope this goes somewhere productive and allows discussion for more open and less-paywalled content in this game.
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