10 Year Anniversary Thoughts.

As the title says this is just my opinion on their announcements for the 10 years of League. I want to start with the minor to major additions (to me). Wild Rift, Legends of Runeterra, and Team Fight Tactics Mobile. These are all going to be released on mobile and that actually makes me happy. I've been searching for a decent game for my phone when I find myself away from a PC. So being given three options to bounce around with is very nice. We're already familiar with TFT so we all know what we're getting with that. Wild Rift will be odd because they couldn't add every champion. That part does make me sad because every champion is someones favorite (*Remember this sentence for later). But I understand why, mobile platforms are WAY more limiting on control in comparison to PC and Consoles. Speaking of consoles, I play PS4 very often and I'm dying to find out how League is going to preform it. I've played Smite before on console and it works mostly because it's 3rd person. League is over the top, so it will be a very odd experience to play a MOBA on PS4 that's not 3rd person. I don't know if I'll end up playing it over the PC version, but the fact people who don't have a PC can finally play League is honestly... pretty fucking awesome. Then Legends of Runeterra looks fun because you get to take your favorite champions/city states and make a deck out of them. More importantly, the god damned grind isn't going to be involved. The worst thing about playing card games on literally any platform is that they all make you grind for cards, and then hope RNGesus doesn't screw you over for the 50th time once you open them. And that art. My god the artists are fantastic. Getting to see different styles of champions from league, and even the landscapes of Runeterra and it's wildlife is honestly beautiful. If you're interested or haven't already seen some of the art, here's a link. https://sixmorevodka.com/#&gid=1&pid=1 The next part is Season 10. Not much has been said, so there's not too much to talk about. I'm just currently worried about the new Lethality items being added. I was hoping they would *finally* move away from the damage-heavy meta and switch to literally anything else. Either way! No one can say for sure since we don't have all the information yet, but I just really hope Riot will fix what made Season 8 and 9 so miserable for the players. Now for Project A and League of Fighters. Project A is by far the more "out there" release. A fully brand new game without League characters, and a heavy focus on anti-cheat as well as a better net code. I've played plenty of FPS and nothing is more frustrating then the lag or bad net codes. Choosing to focus on that is a great start, and hopefully the rest of the game follows with gun play and abilities. Watching some of the abilities from characters already has me interested. As for League of Fighters, I'm all for it. I honestly don't like fighting games, but Riot's League characters alone make me want to try it. I don't remember if they said anything about the roster other then what few we saw through the video. But I really hope they manage to get everyone in there. And now for what made me excited more than anything released from Riot Games since I started playing back in Season 3. Arcane. Since the moment I started playing this game I always loved reading champions backstories, or the descriptions of cities they resided in. I've always wanted Riot to expand more on their champions stories and Runeterra, because honestly it's one of the most interesting worlds I've seen in gaming. Currently there's 145 champions in League, soon to be 146 with Senna. And there's not one champion that I wouldn't want to see more of. I started losing hope, and settled with seeing the small parts they would give us with Jinx's launch music video, KDA/Popstars, Awaken, A New Dawn etc. But once I heard them say they made an animated series I lost my mind. Not only is Riot making a series hopefully for all champions, but the first one we get happened to be my favorite fucking city and champion {{champion:254}} . From the trailer it looks like it will be in Piltover and Zuan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IA-v_LB3Qpc At 52 seconds in we see a younger version of Vi and two friends, the blue haired girl could end up being Jinx. And the boy with them is wearing the goggles we see Vi with now (Possible death flag spoilers btw :D RiP). And then a view of Piltover. I couldn't be any happier seeing this part. But then at the end we see {{champion:222}} and she does her iconic laugh. I got chills. I'm SO ready you have no idea. The past few days I haven't been able to contain my excitement. When Riot said they were afraid to expand on their world and champions it nearly broke my heart. Riot, all of your animations have been so well received, hell KDA/Popstars blew up to the point where non-gamers knew about these characters now{{champion:84}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:28}} . Millions of people mimicking the dance, cosplays, etc. I'm beyond happy to see Riot step up to the challenge and give us the stories that should have been heard long ago. For all these additions, I thank you. But the most important one, a massive thank you for Arcane and everyone who is working on it. You said you might mess it up, you won't. They're your creations and art, you guys already have shown us you can do it. Lastly, *Every champion is someones favorite :) Riot, all of your creations are loved by someone and I know I'm ready to see any and all you're going to make a series for. So who is your favorite champion and why?
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