I love the game - but am leaving due to Toxicity

Daltaylur Aug 21, 11:46 AM PDT I have tried not to complain, because this is a game I have played for free (lol $500+ is free) since season 2 and it has sadly become much of my identity as it has remained one my only consistent hobbies into my late 20s. I have seen many metas come and go and it has never bothered me because a game needs to evolve to stay fun, I have understood that change is good - even if not accepted right away. All this to say there is one thing that has NOT changed over the last few years and has only grown stronger and stronger - toxicity. Riot, you have created something so amazing, this game functions better then any other game I have ever played. It is why you have so many fans, such a large player base, and so many professional players and streamers helplessly addicted to your content even though they truly hate playing your game. You have created a drug that demands people keep playing, and up until recently I was a loyal follower. Finally today I played a game where one team member connected but never moved, two people sat on fountain and gave up at lvl 3 and called for push it down mid and I encouraged the other team to please end our suffering. The other team grouped mid and pushed for the win at 9 minutes and I realized that this was the friendliest and most enjoyable game I had played in weeks because no one flamed. No toxicity, just "sorry about your dc". This is not an uncommon occurrence, it seems like their are DCs constantly and I always brush it off because I live in a small part of Canada and know that internet can be terrible sometimes. Coming to the realization that a game with 3 DCs that is won in 9 minutes is less of a waste of my time then a 50 minutes 5v5 with constant flaming and toxicity lets me know its time for me to move on. I love playing this game, but having to /muteall every game is not acceptable. Having to speak to children telling them its not okay to tell people to get cancer multiple times a night is not acceptable. Having people say they don't care if you report them because they have 5 accounts is not acceptable. Having someone connect and sit on fountain and because they move every so often we cant remake is not okay. While excelling on so many fronts, riot is seriously lagging in the management of their community's harassment and toxicity, and I would guess that it is leaking into their corporate atmosphere, but that is just a guess. With well over 2000 games (maybe more, as you have removed any way to count for some reason) across two accounts with hundreds of dollars spent and many nights wasted away I am ready to leave as I have not seen any tangible evidence that this game is getting any less toxic. If anything the plague of flaming, quitting after first blood, bashing teammates with the most profane language and the complete lack of encouragement to be positive or work together has only increased. I love this game, I can not say enough about how much I enjoy playing it and all the game play changes and work that you have put into it, however it is like (as described by many prominent members of your own community) returning night after night to an abusive relationship, but instead of a spouse it is a 14 year old yasuo feeding four kills then telling you to get cancer and die, then DCing only to que up next game with him on a different account and him locking yasou again even though he got autofilled as support. Again, not uncommon and I'm sure not even a drop in the bucket with some of the toxic stories I am sure most people have heard. I will try and follow on the subreddit to see if any improvements are made to the state of the toxicity - but until then - thanks for the memories. P.s - my fav champ is wukong and you ruined him with that garbage rework :p - jk jk jk jk
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