Aatrox was the first champion Riot deleted from the game.

Ouu nice another patch, let's see all the super cool changes they added this week! Oh hey look another balance change for a balancing nightmar- wait what? They removed Aatrox's ult revive why? Honestly I stopped playing Aatrox because he got nerfed in the jungle and it wasn't fun to play him, anymore. Most reworks usually carryover some iconic characteristics that make that champ "that champ". Like Nunu's ult. Yoricks ghouls and urgots lock on, or at least have a similar play style. Aatrox's last feature that made him similar to old aatrox is gone. His revive. Now Aatrox is a completely different champion. Why haven't they put old aatrox back in the game? He was actually getting better before his rework, and was even seen in pro play (Guinsoos titanic build). Aatrox was probably my first main and I played him jungle and top. it would be awesome if was brought back. But if riot is going to start deleting champions they might as well delete shaco cause f*ck that champ.
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