Some anti Pyke tips

So with the recent rise in Pyke and the obscene amount of nerf Pyke rants lately along with Riot refusing to buff champions that do well into him (Or in general because seriously if Syndra,Xerath,Azir,and Corki are your top mid laners you know you done f#@ked up somewhere along the line with nerfing like crazy.) I am gonna try and give a few general types that should help you guys out in dealing with him as I have played a lot of Pyke since his release. 1.Dodge his abilities. I know this one seems like a real no s#!t Sherlock piece of advice but hear me out. His Q has a wind up to it so just try to be sporadic in your moments and when he uses his E try to get in front of him since it follows behind him or move to the side since it has the delay to it and without the Q landing it becomes harder for him to use without using his flash or W. 2.He is an assassin. This means that like with pretty much all other assassins if you survive can out last his burst and follow the first bit of advice then it means he's not gonna be as useful unless someone else helps him and counter engage abilities like Soraka E hurt him a lot plus he can't gain health so he is gonna be squishy through out the game. 3.Pyke does have weaknesses.His main one is typically Pyke is all or nothing in his approaches so if he is using his E and W to get into a team fight what do you think he's gonna be able to use to get out? CC the hell out the poor bastard because he just also used his escape tools to engage. 4.Keep an eye on him.If you can't burst him down after ccing him then stick to him since as long as you can see him he his passive can't proc and his W is a camouflage (Which tells you if he's near btw) so being close enough stops his passive,using this neat thing called a ward stops his passive,and red wards also stop his passive if he's in his W.Also maybe pick a champion that does some kind of combination of all the above like Kled,Zed,Annie,Soraka,Nautilus,or Lucian. 5.This one is controversial. Maybe ask for f#@king buffs to champions meant to counter Puke instead of nerfing him that way we can actually open up the champion pool because the main reason he's so abundant now is because almost everyone else sucks!Like you think current Pyke would be able to do shit to say Galio,Maokai,or Soraka from a few months back?S#@t tired of almost every gameplay thread being about how someone is so OP they have to be nerfed when either someone doesn't learn how to play against them,they did bad in one game against this champion,or not asking for a champion that counters them to be buffed. S#@t it's like how Azir and Corki were "Busted" for a patch but then almost instantly get nerfed in the same patch as Syndra gets a buff. Where was I again oh right just follow the first 4 tips and you should do a lot better against Pyke and if not then well I can't help you.
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