So Zac's [New] Old Ult kinda kills his kit

Hey so i only just started playing zac not to long ago when i noticed he wasnt being played really at all and i found that he was a really fun champ to play and all of his abilities meshed really well with him then as fast as i started to really enjoy him, riot reworked him to give him back his old ult (which i find is barely even used as it does close to nothing being he's predominantly a Hp-tank) and really killed his play-style that i was really starting to like, i found the best way to play him was hp tank and using him 100% as a support-Jungler to boost every other lane and i did pretty well, his leap to goo punch was a nice combo by itself, but paired with his old [pick them up and move a group of people] ult he could stomp on most lane and he was super fun to play even if i wasnt going for takedowns, he was very unique and i wouldnt know how to go about trying to get his other ult back so ill just leave this here for the only other 3 zac players left to cry with me thank you -TheFrostBitesMe
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