Really Riot you Acknowledge it so much but nothing has been done for so long?

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TLDR if no one wants to read what's below, I'm sick and tired of riot constantly acknowledging Mordekaiser's bugs yet doing nothing about it or if they are they could at least let us know. Hell even the summoner report card thing we got last year it said, " Your most played champion is Mordekaiser, what is this a bug?" It's getting to the point that it's pathetic and sad that the amount of bugs he has at this point and you fully acknowledge them and have done absolutely nothing or at least have told us absolutely nothing is getting really frustrating. I mean for Christ's sake people are even making article's on gaming website's there is so many and has gotten so bad. here is the post of all 180+ bugs. It's getting so bad you will have to throw an entire team of coders and playtesters in a room to just fix and beta all the bugs for months on end ( i'd make Vandril apart of the team if he's not already since he seems to find way more than you guys seem to acknowledge)
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