So... I quit a few months ago ( Myrm)

I made a new thread as to avoid unwanted necro or something, taking the advice of a player. Yeah it’s been great not playing league, and I like pubg a lot, it’s better than fortnite imo because no need to build stuff and shoot. Anyhow, I came to see if riot has chosen to give in to the demands of people like me who wanted a bunch of changes that make the game fun again, so I am asking, did they get better yet? Riot, did they start taking their game seriously yet? Or are they still ignoring us and destroying their player base and allowing fortnite and pubg to be more fun instead? I mean it’s really simple, pubg takes less time and commitment and it doesn’t do silly stuff causing massive aggravation for the player. League just isn’t worth anymore for me to play it unless they did a bunch of stuff. -Take out jungle fruit -bring back URF and Hexakill often -Stop killing the player learning curves by changing the game -fix MMR, Honor, and player perma bans. Those are my major complaints and I am guessing none of those things have happened in the past 3 months, am I right? Welp....
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