Chat restricted for being 100% toxic.

Hey guys, long time league player here. I was chat restricted recently for being toxic in game. 100% toxic, like I was really angry and toxic. I give zero fucks that I was toxic and that I was banned. Game 1 In-Game Kimblee: light leash if possible Kimblee: ty Kimblee: lol? Kimblee: l Kimblee: this mid Kimblee: gg Kimblee: ff Kimblee: galio is ass Kimblee: how are you guys this useless Kimblee: like you didnt even attemp to help Kimblee: 4 mins Kimblee: meanwhile galiuo Kimblee: this galio Kimblee: is a god at fucking his team Kimblee: im trying to help this kid mid, and he doesnt move Kimblee: was dead Kimblee: cuz ur %%%% ass doesnt budge Kimblee: lol whjy would i help you Kimblee: honestly why Kimblee: you are the sole reason this game is going to be difficult Kimblee: lmao Kimblee: galio still mid Kimblee: i think galio choosing mid is taking it way to literal, he doesnt understand hes allowed to leave Kimblee: its hard when my 2 main targets are fed AF Kimblee: i assume hes your premade? Kimblee: you guys have 18 of 36 daths together Kimblee: 19* Kimblee: that is half Kimblee: you realize that right? Kimblee: not mad, just dont understand how people are that dumb Kimblee: so let me get this right, mid is such shit because its fun to see people mad that hes shit? Kimblee: sounds like an excuse Kimblee: you were bad from the jump Kimblee: I wouldnt talk about intelligence when you cant even understand how this game works Kimblee: anyone please report for trolling, over this game with them Kimblee: gg though Kimblee: "im doing bad because its fun to see you get mad that we are doing bad" Kimblee: wasnt that what you said quinn? Kimblee: playing bad on purpose is what inting is....lmao Kimblee: im sure the other team can agree to the 20x you all sat there and watched as i engaged on their backline. Kimblee: then said "lol" Kimblee: gg please report Post-Game Kimblee: why? Game 2 In-Game Kimblee: hard leashif possible Kimblee: i do Kimblee: okay so just stop there Kimblee: im not r%%%%%ed Kimblee: im asking Kimblee: if u dont want to do it dont Kimblee: so do i Kimblee: as u can see by the mark in champ select Kimblee: if ur shitty comp can render it Kimblee: ty Kimblee: you sure think you know a lot Kimblee: i saved ignite... Kimblee: why would i ignite instead of e Kimblee: lmao Kimblee: if i wasnt in range for shiv Kimblee: why would i be in range for ignite Kimblee: bard? Kimblee: shen, do u not like ulting bud? Kimblee: dont ult jayce, its a waste Kimblee: can yall stop Kimblee: so leave? Kimblee: whgere is kaisai Kimblee: the all knowing greatest player Kimblee: didnt even move fro mid lol Kimblee: how did yall lose that Kimblee: alkl that shit u talked Kimblee: and u are calling me sweaty Kimblee: lmfao Kimblee: im a master 5 shaco? or was it 7? "i think i know what im talking about" fucking nerd Kimblee: clearly it worked for me Kimblee: and shit aint working for you Kimblee: i didnt actually Kimblee: i beat her to her red getting golems red and blue with scuttle lol Kimblee: and your dumb Kimblee: i can tell by your score Kimblee: lol Kimblee: so u are a one trick? Kimblee: makes sense Kimblee: stay iron Kimblee: LOL Kimblee: how Kimblee: that is a miracle Kimblee: just ff Kimblee: lol, how am i being blamed for anything Kimblee: i ganked constantly Kimblee: counter jungled Kimblee: pressured Kimblee: please report jayce and kaisa for being toxic <3 Kimblee: i asked for a leash Kimblee: proceeded to eb berated Kimblee: he doesnt Kimblee: i askedf for one Kimblee: so i could golem red blue scuttle then counter Kimblee: gg Post-Game Kimblee: shit team Kimblee: like honestly Kimblee: the insane toxicity Kimblee: and useless plays Kimblee: was so bad Kimblee: 12k damage jayce Kimblee: how does that even happen Kimblee: in a 40 min game Game 3 Pre-Game Kimblee: want me to take it? Kimblee: you okay top? In-Game Kimblee: ez kills Kimblee: leo you gotta be upfront for the stun lol Kimblee: why Kimblee: mid is for sure premade Kimblee: so gg Kimblee: bet that flash woulda been helpful Kimblee: or not Kimblee: the 2 tanks left? lol Kimblee: just ff Kimblee: so much cc, 0 landed Kimblee: oh nice, use the cds after they get a double xD Kimblee: why not Kimblee: we had 4 people Kimblee: and they have half health Kimblee: its cool Kimblee: gl in ur gmae Kimblee: lol this bot Kimblee: nah Kimblee: nah tired ofbeing hard shoved into turret with 0 help, then go to help someone else and get told they dont want to go in Kimblee: cho, ignore leona, i dont think shes landed an ult yet lmao Kimblee: as long as you report leona Kimblee: lmao, 1-6 bot lane Kimblee: LMAO Kimblee: how was that me Kimblee: i didnt Kimblee: he jumped on someone else and his stun got me Kimblee: lmfao Kimblee: oh look another missed one xD Kimblee: just bait it Kimblee: lol k Kimblee: gl yall Kimblee: gg wp Post-Game Kimblee: was fun xD Kimblee: nah Kimblee: just got tired of listening to yall Kimblee: leona was god awful, but had the biggest mouth lmao Kimblee: 14k damage vayne Kimblee: 14 death bot lane xD Kimblee: shit bot lane Holy shit wall of text am i right? Anyway those are the 3 games that got me restricted. Obiously I was toxic. What I am trying to point out is how this system is completely one sided. The start of every game started great, me asking where they needed help, securing obj/buffs etc. Game 2: I was trying to rush red/golems/scuttle/enemy blue on shaco. I asked for a leash so I could set up minimal boxes. I proceeded to be harassed and called r%%%%%ed for asking for a leash on shaco. If you look further into the game by my responses I am STILL getting harassed. Finally I say fuck it and start talking shit back...but I was the one chastised for it. Game 1: I linked my twitch at the start, I guess the mid and top REALLY REALLY hated that I did that. I ignored it and played my game as usual. Until I would go to gank and they would literally just afk right when I engaged. 4 baits and deaths later I fucking lost it. I think most of us would. They proceeded to tell me how they are purposely doing bad because they think it is hilarious to see the way people react and get mad. They claimed that is their fun in this game. So why am I the one being chastised when IN CHAT my team completely admitted to trolling and purposely making us lose. Yet nothing happens to them and me getting angry over trolls is what gets chastised. Game 3: everyone was mad at this leona because she was trolling us. Never used ult, would flash into tower. If you went to help she would E on them then walk away as you went in so you die. Leona and their premade proceeded to feed as hard as possible while purposely avoiding the team. Anyway my point isnt that I shouldnt of been restricted...I knew what was going to happen with what I typed. Why in the hell though, arent the people who are purposely ruining games, feeding, refusing to help, and basically being what I call "passively toxic" never getting in trouble? The way I see it i can fuck over anyone I want on league as long as I type nothing or just make sure to piss them off enough to get them to type and have my premade report them.
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