It became a meme to "nerf Irelia", but it seriously needs to happen again now

Really makes me think whenever Riot reworks champions and most of them become broken. She gets nearly infinite Q resets from marking teams with her E and R, and on kills as well. Her W makes her unkillable for a good amount of time as it gives her a good chunk of damage if charged up the entire time too, or you can just click it for a moment to negate most of the damage from something like an ultimate. Her E, as said before, gives you tons of resets on you're Q if its a teamfight and its a reliable stun anyway. Her R as said also gives her Q resets and makes any auto-attack based champs useless for a time. To top it all off she gets some bonuses from her passive for combat too not to mention the obligatory true damage from conqueror combined. I wonder why Irelia is all i've been seeing in highlight vids now cause its just so flashy like riot wants as shes all over the screen 1v5ing.
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