I am very upset about the whole Sona emote being locked away from me forever, Riot, and here's why

Well, let's first start with their content creator program thingy page. On that page, it states that every few patch will bring a ** new chroma** for them to give away to their viewers. > https://gyazo.com/6f1bfc46ded12b51260071b9ea5394c6 > https://gyazo.com/29905dd703adf472a8660ec1b548ec30 Well crap this is not a chroma. This is an emote. I wish it was a chroma so I could give less of a shit, but why is it an emote ? Something I can use in all my games even when I'm NOT playing Sona ? Okay well next point; it also mentions that they need an account in good standings. > https://gyazo.com/b4749933f36bdfb56b4e704940c36bca This is dumb as it means any toxic piece of crap can register in the program as long as they aren't banned or punished. For instance, why was **Hashinshin** allowed to give out codes, when he was banned earlier this year ? The man who compares Riot to World War 2 Germany on multiple occasions, the man who screamed at Riot to kill themselves and insult them any time he finds the game unbalanced, calls their balance team retards and what not. The man who promotes negative behavior by consistently complaining about the game and Riot, promoting hate towards them everytime he streams ? Why was HE allowed to give out codes ? Why am I being punished for not watching and following Hashinshin ? So why am I being punished for not watching and following any content creators ? Why is the BIG **BIG** majority of your player base punished for not doing so ? How is this promoting and supporting content creators in any way ? It only creates artificial viewer growth, as I'd be watching one of them for the emote and then just leave if I do or do not get one, not taking into account that most people who WILL get a code will just end up selling it on e-bay for money, more money then the normal price of an emote. Why are Sona mains being fucked over ? I wish it was a god damn chroma so I couldn't care less about it, but this is AGAINST what you said on the partner program page AND it's also something I would love to have since I, as a Sona main, would actually use the god damn emote and I actually appreciate it for what it is. I spend a crap ton of money on the game, and every time something I want is in store, I immediately buy it. I hate the idea that something I like and WILL USE **EVERY GAME** (because it's an emote, not a chroma) is locked away from me because I'm not watching freaking Hashinshin or any content creator. And even if I did, I hate the idea that I'd have to race and pray to God to get one. This is asinine. I am very against this decision Riot, and as a Sona main and heavy supporter of your game (easily spent 4K+ on the game, and I buy RP every month), I'm feeling MUCH LESS thrilled about supporting the game now. The thought of this happening to my favorite champions in the future, for instance a Nami skin or Zoe emote or skin locked away from me forever AGAIN is making me feel a bit sick (and don't tell me ''oh we don't have plans to give away skins'' because you said you'd give only chromas and STARTED THE PROGRAM WITH AN EMOTE, so please don't say that; my trust in you guys is already shattered). I fucking love your game Riot. I spent so much and play it so much. I've only supported everything you did. But this is wrong. And I want to keep supporting you guys but this actually hurts and makes it very hard to do so.
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