I'll come back to league when I get a new Heimerdinger skin.

Seriously Riot? Jinx gets 4 skins in 3 years, Yasuo gets 3 in 4, sona gets 3, ziggs gets 3. Heimer gets NOTHING in that time. Seriously, IK I quit the game and all but in my entire 4 years of playing my fav champ cant get a skin. He's so unique compared to every champion, he's the only champ I play when I play a game once a month. Kind of upset to such a blatant cater to mainstream players. The game got old for me, not just with the fact that Riot gives skins to their favorite kids but because the games got so boring/tedious. Why play this game when I can get a similar, lighter experience in a much shorter time in Overwatch? Or play some of the best singleplayer games on the PS4? I got sick of this game when it ran out of juice for me. I feel like there are objectively better designed games that cater to their audience in a much better way than Riot does.
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