List of Incredibly Frustrating Shaco Bugs

All of these have existed in some capacity for awhile, but after the recent ult changes, they've been out in full force. Before anyone tells me I should post this in "Report a Bug" it's more that I'd like a comprehensive list to angrily throw at Riot and say "WHY WON'T YOU EVER FIX THIIIIIIS?" -- The clone will sometimes ignore you entirely (this always happened but now it happens at least 1-2 times a game). You will tell it to go somewhere, it'll start moving, and then it'll run right back to you and follow you until it dies (this used to only happen when you were stunned as you cast your ult and it would actually just never move). -- You die to auto-attacks and single-target abilities a lot more now than before. When you ult an incoming projectile, it isn't supposed to do damage to you. If you ult too late, your ult doesn't go on cooldown, but this is creating the clone, then killing you (you die while creating the clone but before you show up again) AoE is a lot harder to judge because it feels like sometimes the spell hits you in the middle of your ult because you disappear but it still puts your ultimate on cooldown, so that's super wonky and I'm not sure if that's a bug or if it's just hard to time correctly. -- Older bug but PLEASE LET SHACO'S CLONE ATTACK BUILDINGS PROPERLY. For some players, only R-casting works, for others, only alt-casting seems to work, and for some still, _nothing works_. -- While we're at it, please make it so that boxes break on inhibs. They attack towers no problem, and they _can_ attack inhibitors, but a lone box will not break its stealth to attack an inhib like it would a turret. Why? Feel free to add any here.
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