I think we could step down from the RiotAugust thing now

TL;DR at the bottom. http://magaimg.net/img/7cvu.png He openly apologized about what he said, and even thought he did explain why he said what he said, he didn't misuse it to attempt his justification, which lets admit is what most of us would of done, given the chance. I think that says that he does mean his apology and I personally think we can maybe take it easier on him. While yes, it won't change that some Rioters actually do believe the boards are full of shit and will avoid the place as if it was a question of survival, I think August is not one of those Rioters. I myself forgive him, and I think 2 days were enough time for him to repent on the poor choice of expression he had. After all, we exploded in his face with it not only instantly, but quite effectively. TL;DR: I think August means his apology and we can lay it down now and focus on other shit that needs addressing from lack of notice.
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