Why is matchmaking so inaccurate?

Why is it that, game after game, you can be matched with laners who can go 0/10/0, 4 level behind, 100 cs behind @10 min? In platinum where you are supposed to understand the basics of the game? Most players gets their primary or second role most games... So how come the difference is so huge? It render like 70% of the games frustrating, because you can't do much to decide the outcome. Either your lane snowball in 1v1 / 2v2, or they get destroyed. As a jungler who focus on macro and get every objectives, it's awful. You can get the first 3 drakes, the rift herald, be 1/0/2 with some nice early ganks... it doesn't matter I wish lanes where not that unequal. I wish that match making could do a at least decent job
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