Oh and why the hell can you get leaver buster for trolling teammates?

You can get punished for afking in base because of your team thats pretty funny. Denying surrender vote should be a bannable offence if a games over. And duos should not have priority over a game. https://gyazo.com/de6ecf0bf1f38123eb6bf91cabdde118?token=5785859fe816126a872749622eaef383 This is a clearly way over game. Im forced to afk because I literally cant do anything on the map even while being the most fed player. I go into my jungle I will die. We try to fight we die. One/two people vote no to surrender so that they can see a grey screen/talk to the enemy team. Like holy shit go to a chatting website if you need attention people are trying to actually play the game. I really dont understand the logic. Leaver buster should only be if you are reported for it. I shouldnt be forced to sit and angrily waste my time because a player or two wants to be a jackass or just plain old lack brain cells. Playing an over game isnt fun if you have a working brain, these players should be in bots if they want to just aimlessly play.
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