This was a long time coming.

I used to play your game back when it was less terrible than it currently is. Thank Jebus I got my fucking life together and managed to escape the addictive, life ruining nightmare-scape of a game you created, thanks in no small part to your own perpetual sabotage of everything that was ever good about it, but I digress. You have always treated your community like garbage and tried to shame gamers for using their own free will to engage in exactly the type of toxic/hyper-aggressive behaviors their very nature compelled them to in a completely unharmful setting like a stupid internet game. You never wanted to make a good game, you wanted to be gamer's morality police and well guess what, you drank the feminist coolaid and now your chickens are coming home to roost. You deserve everything you get. Competent Devs at Riot, I know you must exist by sheer statistical probability, Get the fuck out of there and start your own games. Riot is getting Woke and that means they'll soon go broke. Get out while you can. To the rest of you, Get Bent. Unward the 49th
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