Why I Uninstalled After Almost 3000 Hours

i started playing about a year ago, and continued to play religiously over the course of the year. got placed b1 at lvl 30, over 200 lvls ago, but didnt care too much about ranked. me and a mate were thinking of climbing the ranks next season and seeing how far we could get. but i decided that that wouldnt be to my advantage in any way shape or form. this game turned my life on its head within the year. my grades dropped dramatically, i stopped some of my outdoor hobbies, my fitness decreased drastically and i couldnt stop thinking about league. heading into year 12, i have decided to uninstall league, for the sake of my grades, my family and my well-being. im not saying everyone should stop playing league, but if you too feel like league is affecting you in this way please dont hesitate as i have many times. dont get me wrong, league is a great game but only when balanced with other things you like to do with your time. thoughts?
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