"Do we want team voice chat?" should be put as a poll in the client. Same goes for any questionable

It's annoying when everyone brings the same goddamn argument. Welp just because few snowflakes are unable to press 'mute' / 'disconnect' button this doesn't mean the rest that want this system to happen can't have it. The game is in a miserable state in solo q and the game more than ever needs more team play coordination and strategy. Instead of continuing this topic Riot could just put a global poll asking: Do you want team voice chat to exist? With a simple Yes or No. If they gather enough votes and they are like 70 to 30 just make it happen or don't. Tired of this protective father act from Riot deciding what's best for us from their opinion purely. And since Reddit & Boards is minority just put questionable decisions as polls in the client. And if then just the minority has voted either make the vote necessary with a method such as putting is as a big unclosable window that will only go away if you cast your vote. The other thing is just do nothing and watch how the EU and NA literally bleeds out. People that say the game is dying are saying it for the west. The game is only growing in asia and if Riot wants to not get completely soaked up by tencent they should do something big.
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